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Yukon Saw Mill Co. – Historic Site

Yukon Sawmill Building – Insulation Upgrade

Client: Yukon Government – Historic Sites – Tourism & Culture

For information about this structure visit Canada’s Historic Places website. click here

All work was to comply with the “Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada”

Material Preservation: Interior cladding was removed and stored on site for later use.

-Removal of any existing insulation.
-Sprayed 2″ of 2.0 lbs. closed-cell foam to the underside of the addition floor.
-Insulated the floor with R-40 fiberglass batts, 2″ expanded polystyrene, taped weather-barrier and 3/8″ plywood soffit.
-Insulated exterior walls with R-20 fiberglass batts, sheathed walls with 1/2″ plywood then 1″ polyiso foil-faced foam w/ taped seams.
-Installed a vapour barrier on the interior subfloor, caulked and taped vapour barrier to the foil-faced sheathing then installed 1/2″ subfloor.
-Framed 2×4 walls on both floors
-Insulated ceiling with R-60 fiberglass batts, insulation baffles, vapour barrier, strapping and attic hatches.
-Installed a 2-1/2″ soffit around the roof-line perimeter.

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